Mike Mangino

Since obtaining his BS in Computer and Information Science from The Ohio State University, Mike has held a variety of positions in both large and small companies. Most Recently, Mike was a Vice President at JPMorganChase, responsible for software architecture and development for the Global Storage division.

After living through the .com highs and lows, Mike decided it was time to better understand the world of the startup. In 2004, he earned his MBA through the part time program at the Fisher College of Business where he was recognized by the faculty for academic excellence.

Since founding Elevated Code, Mike has helped more than a dozen startups launch their products. He has been a featured speaker at RailsConf, The Rails Edge and Ruby East. He even wrote a book for The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

When not running Elevated Code, Mike can often be found running long distances. He has run eight marathons and one double marathon. Mike's current running goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Mike lives in Cincinnati with his wife Jen and their two sons, Mikey and Tommy.

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